Tourism and Sustainable Development

Tourism and Sustainable Development

Sustainability is a central term in today's political rhetoric. At the same time, sustainable development is one of the notions which mainly base on an intuitive public understanding and mark ideas almost nobody would deny. Thus, even in scientific discourse and particularly in tourism the term ‘sustainability’ is often being used without scrutiny.
This volume by Joern W. Mundt contributes to a deeper understanding of the concept of sustainability by
- providing a closer look at the original definition and
- reviewing its conceptual history which helps to untangle the terminological confusion.
Finally, the book demonstrates that ‘sustainable tourism’ cannot be a political objective in its own right and is only achievable within the context of an overall sustainable economy.

Prof. Dr. Joern W. Mundt

Management und Wirtschaft, Wirtschaft und Unternehmung,

Sustainability, Development, Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Climate Change, Global Warming, Brundtland-Report, Nachhaltigkeit, Entwicklung, Tourismus, Nachhaltiger Tourismus, Klimawandel, Globale Erderwaermung, Brundtland-Report

Dozenten und Wissenschaftler der Fachrichtungen Tourismus, Volkswirtschaftslehre/Entwicklungsoekonomie und Volkswirtschaftslehre/Entwicklungssoziologie; Manager der Tourismusbranche; Manager in Entwicklungshilfeorganisationen

lecturers and researchers in the field of tourism; lecturers and researchers in the field of economics/development economics; lecturers and researchers in the field of economics/development sociology; managers in tourism businesses; managers in development organisations

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