The protection of your personal data is an essential Target of CONSULTANT LOUNGE.
In these terms and conditions on data protection CONSULTANT LOUNGE would like to inform you about how CONSULTANT LOUNGE treats your personal data and how you can exchange this data with other users of CONSULTANT LOUNGE.
These terms and conditions supplement the General Terms for using CONSULTANT LOUNGE.
1. Basic Principles of CONSULTANT LOUNGE for handling your Personal Data
CONSULTANT LOUNGE strictly adheres to the following basic principles in the protection of your Personal Data:

  • CONSULTANT LOUNGE shall collect, process and use your Personal Data in accordance with the laws and statutes on data protection of the Federal Republic of Germany and those of the European Union.
  • CONSULTANT LOUNGE shall use your Personal Data solely to provide you the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services on the Internet for which you have registered. CONSULTANT LOUNGE will never pass your Personal Data on to any third party, neither for advertising, nor for marketing or for any other purposes.
  • With the exception of some general contact and professional Information you alone decide which of your Data is available to CONSULTANT LOUNGE and other members of CONSULTANT LOUNGE.
  • Persons not registered in CONSULTANT LOUNGE cannot see any of your Personal Data.

2. Definitions
The following terms used in these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection shall have the following meanings:

  • "Personal Data" shall mean all data and/or information about your profession or your person.
  • "CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites" shall mean all websites on which CONSULTANT LOUNGE provides the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services.
  • "CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members" shall mean all registered users of CONSULTANT LOUNGE on the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites.
  • "CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services" shall mean all registration based services provided by CONSULTANT LOUNGE on the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites.
  • "Registration Data" shall mean the Personal Data you are obliged to make available to CONSULTANT LOUNGE in the registration process for the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services (mandatory fields).
  • "Profile" shall mean the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Website page where the Personal Data you have made available to CONSULTANT LOUNGE is displayed.

3. What does CONSULTANT LOUNGE know about you, what do you give CONSULTANT LOUNGE and CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members permission to do, and what happens with your Personal Data?
3.1 Registration Data
In order for the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services to function, CONSULTANT LOUNGE needs to collect and process certain elements of your Personal Data in the course of the registration process. First of all, this consists of the following data:

  • User name
  • Password

Your password and/or your user name are never visible to any CONSULTANT LOUNGE Member at any time. CONSULTANT LOUNGE shall never disclose or pass your password and/or your user name on to any third party.
Furthermore, you will need to fill out the following Personal Data in the course of the registration process (mandatory fields):

  • Business email account
  • Business telephone number
  • First name, surname, form of address
  • Company name
  • Position (Title)
  • Country, state and city of your company

The following Personal Data from these mandatory fields is accessible to other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members without any restrictions:

  • First name, surname
  • Company name
  • Position (Title)
  • Country, state and city of your company

3.2 Voluntary Data
If you wish, you may provide additional information about yourself apart from the mandatory data on a voluntary basis (hereinafter referred to as "Voluntary Data"), to allow other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members to get to know you better and possibly encourage them to get in touch with you. At the moment, you are able to choose from the following Voluntary Data, for example: your interests, your education, companies you have previously worked for, projects you are involved, what you have to offer to other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members, what you are looking for from other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members, etc. You may also upload a photograph of yourself, if you wish.
The Voluntary Data you choose to provide to CONSULTANT LOUNGE is accessible to all other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members.
3.3 Your Profile, Content Management
The following sections of the Personal Data you have made available to CONSULTANT LOUNGE is visible to all other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members:

  • First name, surname
  • Company name
  • Position (Title)
  • Country, state and city of your company

All other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members may access your Profile and view the information displayed on the Profile, including your Voluntary Data.
If you send CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members a request for personal contact, these CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members are then saved in your Profile on a contact list. Should a CONSULTANT LOUNGE-Member confirm your request for contact, this CONSULTANT LOUNGE-Member shall be listed as a so called "confirmed contact". No other Member could see your confirmed contacts. The are no personal statistics visible to other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members.
Other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members may send you private messages to you in order to establish contact with you. CONSULTANT LOUNGE has preset your privacy settings under "Privacy" per default so that all CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members may send you private messages.
If you are applying or answering to offers in the CONSULTANT LOUNGE (Job-Offers, Event- and Travel-Opportunities, Call for Ideas, etc.) only the relevant Person, a member too, could see your posting.
4. Visibility of your Profile to Non-Members of CONSULTANT LOUNGE
Your Profile and the Content your are posting could not be seen by non-members and is not traceable by serch engines on the internet.
7. Invitations
As a CONSULTANT LOUNGE Member you may invite others to join CONSULTANT LOUNGE. CONSULTANT LOUNGE shall process personal data collected in the course of the invitation solely for the invitation and shall not use it for any other purposes.
9. Search Functions
The CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services offer various possibilities to search for particular CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members. These various search functions may assist you, for example, in finding other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members with similar interests. The search functions can also help you to initiate contact with other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members who offer exactly what you are looking for.
10. Newsletter, Campaign-Emails
CONSULTANT LOUNGE regularly sends out newsletters or campaign emails (collectively hereinafter referred to as the "newsletter(s)") to CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members. In these newsletters CONSULTANT LOUNGE may inform you, among other things, about new features on CONSULTANT LOUNGE, about new content, and new offers.
You may choose to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using the block of each site of the community.
11. Cookies
After you have logged in to the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services with your user name and password, CONSULTANT LOUNGE uses cookies in order to identify you during the course of your session. A cookie will be stored on your computer. Upon the termination of your session the cookie will be automatically deleted. You can save this cookie on your computer to enable automatic login for subsequent sessions by activating the function: "Login automatically on this computer". The cookie will then store part of your login data in encrypted form. If you select automatic login, please be aware that this will then only be possible on the same computer on which the cookie was first saved, i.e. an automatic login on two (2) different computers is not possible.
12. Log Files
Each time you access a website from the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites, CONSULTANT LOUNGE will save the following data in a log file (the so called "server log"):

  • Your IP address (by which your computer can be clearly identified),
  • The name and IP address of the computer requesting the respective page from the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites (the so called "remote host computer"),
  • The time, status, and amount of the transferred data, as well as the Internet website from which you have reached the requested page of the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites (the so called "referrer")
  • The product and release information from your Internet browser (the so called "user agent").

This log file will be stored by CONSULTANT LOUNGE in the standardized "combined" log file format for the Apache Web server. CONSULTANT LOUNGE uses the data from this log file in anonymous form without reference to your person for statistical purposes. In doing so, CONSULTANT LOUNGE may analyze on which days and at which time the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services are particularly frequented and how much data volume is created on the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites. Furthermore, by using the log file, CONSULTANT LOUNGE can identify defects on the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites, such as defective hyperlinks or program defects, and thus continually improve the quality of the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites. CONSULTANT LOUNGE does not attribute the website demands stored in the log file to specific individual users. However, CONSULTANT LOUNGE reserves the right to review the log files from the last known IP address of a CONSULTANT LOUNGE-Member where CONSULTANT LOUNGE has reasonable cause to believe that the member is using CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services in breach of contractual agreements or the applicable legislation. In doing this, CONSULTANT LOUNGE is protecting other CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members, the safety of CONSULTANT LOUNGE Members’ data, as well as CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites and the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services.
13. Under Age
Membership of CONSULTANT LOUNGE Services is reserved to persons who have reached the legal age of 18. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the protection of their children's privacy.
14. Changes to these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection
CONSULTANT LOUNGE reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection, in the event that this becomes necessary due to gaps in these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection identified after their release, or in the event that it becomes necessary with respect to additional or amended services provided by CONSULTANT LOUNGE. CONSULTANT LOUNGE will notify you of any amendments to these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection.
15. Accessibility of these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection
These Terms and Conditions on Data Protection are accessible from any website of the CONSULTANT LOUNGE Websites under the link "Privacy".